Ania Milo

Ania is a self-taught painter who discovered only five years ago that she possesses the gift of transforming her innermost emotions into powerful and affecting paintings. Ania first emerged onto the Art scene in late 2010. And making her own unique style of art, she quickly found many admirers of the raw energy and passion that flow freely from each of her paintings. Ania’s artwork is ”absolutely fabulous, [her] use of color combined with economy of line is incredible - very energetic, extremely likeable works!” Kristy Simmons

Born in Krakow, Poland, Ania Milo delighted in the beauty and the power of color and form of Fine Art since early childhood as she discovered the treasures of Krakow’s Fine Art museums and galleries. Moving to the U.S. in 1981 at the age of 13, to join her family who fled Poland to escape the operations of Communism, Ania began her own journey towards individualism and freedom of expression. Currently, Ania resides in Maryland where she has lived and worked for the over 20 years. Ania holds a Bachelor’s degree in Linguistics with a minor in Russian from the University of Maryland. She has earned a Master’s degree in Leadership from the Notre Dame Maryland University in Baltimore and she is a Doctoral candidate of Industrial/Organizational Psychology from Capella University in Minneapolis, Minnesota.


What Color is Your Energy

The paintings in this portfolio are a part of a collection dedicated to the Energy of Spirit.
Everyone vibrates with their own unique energy. This energy can be seen by some people as different colors, with each color representing a different aspect of someone's energy field.

These works are done using a pallet knife and brush and with a lot of gel additive to give it more depth and texture. There are 6 painitngs here, three more are almost done and there will be a total of 12 paintings.

Pet Portraits

My pet portraits express my love and admiration for animals, especially dogs. I connect with each and every portrait on a emotional and spiritual level and as I paint, I infuse the image with my energy and each animal takes on a life of its own. I do not consider the portrait finished until I can look into the eyes of each dog I create, and see into their soul.

Oil Pastels

I started painting using Oil Pastels and still find this medium one of my favorite. The collection of works here are from my earliest Fine Art creations starting in 2007.