Wilco Bosems

Wilco Bosems (1964) is a freelance photographer, born and raised in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. Currently working as a part-time student of the Academy of Visual Arts in Anderlecht, Belgium, on various projects in the city of Brussels.



The things around us are usually so common that we don't see them anymore. A cut-out of reality gives us a chance to take a new look at it or even to see something new in elements that are cut off from their familiar context and placed on a canvas of the infinite sky.

reframed 1 “reframed 1”

The curtain opens to heaven.

reframed 2 “reframed 2”

This way to heaven.

reframed 3 “reframed 3”

Worship takes you to heaven.

reframed 4 “reframed 4”

Joy is the gateway to heaven.