Ed Whitmore

Themes of decay and loss permeate Ed’s art and are reflected in his choice of medium, the evocative build up of patina that develops as a result of the oxidation of iron copper and bronze metal effects paint.
Both of Ed’s parents were born in Poland and survived the complete destruction of their families and their way of life. Ed was born in the Bronx and spent his formative years living in Paterson, New Jersey, an industrial city that was home to past triumphs but now a place of gloom and hopelessness. He often incorporates materials that evoke a lost past in his paintings and sculpture such as reclaimed barn wood, vintage wrought iron and old letterpress trays.
Mark Rothko’s large color field paintings have been a big influence on Ed’s art. Ed tries in his own work to capture some of that ineffable sense of awe that Rothko’s work evokes. He seeks to create paintings that transcend the familiar and elicit emotion regarding the sublime.


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