Jan Min

Passionated watercolorist, looking for subjects with people, light, maritime views,landscapes with giving mood and atmosphere...


Watercolors Jan Min

find here the most atmospheric watercolorist about streets, people, maritime views and feel the passion of my paintings!

boatyard Spakenburg “boatyard Spakenburg”

watercolor boatyard Spakenburg, the Netherlands, USD 1250

streetlife “streetlife”

streetlife in New York, watercolor 80 x100 cm , framed in museum glass USD 2200

boats at sundown “boats at sundown”

boats at sundown, watercolor 60x80 cm USD 1250

Paris, sunset “Paris, sunset”

watercolor Paris sunset, people walking and catching the light... 60 x 80 cm USD 1650

fishing men talking “fishing men talking”

watercolor fishing men talking after hard working day..40 x 60 cm USD 950

Rainy New York “Rainy New York”

watercolor rainy day New York, 56x 76 cm, framed with museum glass....USD 2000

shopping time “shopping time”

people shopping in rainy day... watercolor 30 x 40 cm USD 950

streetview “streetview”

street view,people walking..., watercolor 30 x 40 cm USD 950

warm summer day New York “warm summer day New York”

People shopping in warm summer day New York, watercolor 60 x 80 cm, framed USD 2000

Paris cafe “Paris cafe”

Paris cafe interior, watercolor 35 x 46 cm USD 950

Dockyard “Dockyard”

seen in Hamburg,i could not resist painting this beautiful spot!! The light watched me!!