Laura Tarabocchia "carte Di Laura"

Laura Tarabocchia "Carte di Laura"

Location: Italy

Laura Tarabocchia, born in Genoa on 12 March 1963, lives and works in Savona, where he devotes with passion the bookbinding art. The artist was fascinated by the marbling and the mimicking of shapes, typical of the richly coloured peacock tail, created by the Chinese in the III century a. C. and used in Europe till the 19th century by the bookbinders for book covers.
She has performed successfully not only in the work of binding, but also in the artistic field. In this way Laura Tarabocchia has developed a technical and an artistic research, witnessed by Laura’s Cards, that has no comparison. Hers is a very personal rereading of the technique of painted paper that she is able to turn in an artistic tale, though coming from a production almost mechanically repetitive.
Her performance is always very peculiar, while she uses that ancient, sophisticated, but well-documented technique, in which the water is an essential agent. Her patient work in the creation of coloured twisting shapes owns a sense of deep imagination, a good taste for colours and a big love for what she is bringing out, that only a soul, which draws inspiration by art, may have the knowledge of.


Painting on the water

Laura paint on water with an old chinese tecnique.
But she studied suminagashi (Japan tecnique) and - cloud tecnique (turky)
Sorri my terrible english but I studied it 30 years ago at school....