Gabriele Steiner

Gabriele Steiner

Location: Austria

I started making photos in 1978 with my mum´´s compact camera.
When this camery didn´t work, I bought my first SLR (single lens reflex camera) by chance.
But this camera forced and supported my interest in making pictures.

21 years ago I got into contact with the "Foto Club Austria" and then I took part in workshops, seminars and photo travels.
For 15 years I´m now a member of the renowned photoclub "ESV-St. Pölten" and since then I started taking part successfully in international photographic contests and exhibitions.

I like to make pictures of just everything, I don´t have any preferences.
I too, like abstract motives, colours and shapes.
In my opinion photography is the chance to record special events, beautiful moments and even
transient feelings and so to stop the course of time.
So moments become timeless documents.The photo is my tool for communication to express images and experiences.
By using photos as a kind of art, I can espress and interpret my thoughts and feelings.

Therefore I became fond of the great possobilities of digital image processing and editing.
Not even of image processing, but also of the creation of sometimes completely new and virtual realities.
A fact is, that every part of my montages was photographed by myself.