Tim De Christopher

Tim de Christopher is a sculptor whose works appear in public spaces and private collections across the United States.

Working primarily in stone and steel, de Christopher’s work is deeply rooted in the tradition of architectural stonework and sculpture.

Trained at Columbia University’s Graduate School of Architecture, The Cooper Union School of Art, and through independent study in Italy, de Christopher perfected his technical skills and focused his aesthetic and stylistic directions as an architect, designer and sculptor for the Cathedral of St. John the Divine in New York City (1990–92).
De Christopher’s work continues to reflect the centuries-old tradition of architect, mason, and stone sculptor while expanding its vocabulary and exploring ways to infuse its familiar forms with contemporary sensibilities.



This is a first "sketch model" for the installation, Sufficeth, being installed at the deCordova Sculpture Park and Museum in the Spring of 2014. It will be a a large timber framed structure in which will hang an abundance of carved stone fish. The piece is about humanity, our travels through life, transposed in the form of fish detailed in so many various ways, ways that one will, consciously or not, identify with in personal ways. It is meant to present an tableau of experience that does not have an immediate rational, like life itself.

Sufficeth - detail “Sufficeth - detail”

This is Sufficeth Woman, one of a number of figures that will likely be in the final installation.