Brian Coster

brian coster

Location: Australia

my artist name is rustyfootprints88,self taught i find art to me is the best way for any of us to express ourselves without actually speaking words,when you look outside your window and see the world below,what do you see.....,i see the very same world, so i decided to create my own world surrounded by possitive energy,colour makes me smile...:).


art that never sleeps

art that never sleeps took me about 20 yrs to perfect i have created art like no other,to date since 2009 i have recieved more than 250,000 views from around the world...if you would like to know why then take a step into my world....enjoy

ripper of a day “ripper of a day”

all my works glow in the dark

hattchet “hattchet”

one of my first ever dot paintings this one took me about six months

no strings attached “no strings attached”

think outside the box in which we find ourselves in

two change minds (at night) “two change minds (at night)”

through the sounds of running water two change minds