Andrea Bayer

andrea bayer

Location: Italy

Of Austrian and dalmatian descent I was born in Venice on the 18th of April. I begun working as a professional illustrator and graphic designer. Then I switched to art direction and I pursued a career as creative director in major international advertising agencies between Milan and Rome. In 2014 I opened my first advertising shop based in Milan, and Padua. In 2019 I launched a new communication agency based in Venice: FONDAMENTA, serving local and national clients.
In 2013 I went back to illustration keeping it in parallel with my advertising and graphic design work.
During my career I won many prizes and recognitions either in the Advertising and Illustration fields.


the written portraits

All portraits are drawn in coloured pastels. My particular and unique style is given also by the hand writing that complete the portraits with sensations, informations, life details of the people, more or less famous, that are portrayed.

american writers: william faulkner “american writers: william faulkner ”

This drawing belongs to a serie I have drawn: American Writers. The serie, 10 drawings and paintings, are made with different mediums. For this one I used coloured pencils on paper. 42x21 cm

big portrait “big portrait”

This drawing belongs to the serie 'Big Portraits', the drawing is really life size, 1,81 x60 cm. It was made with coloured pencils on a paper roll. This one portraits a neighbour in his garden.

Mizzi und Moni “Mizzi und Moni”

This coloured pastels drawing on coloured paper, 50x70 cm, portraits my dear friend's girlfriend and her dog. This serie of 15 drawings is called 'Who owns who?' and narrates the relationship between dogs and their owners.

Luca and Massimo “Luca and Massimo”

Here I have drawn on commission my dear friends who own a very nice pub near where I live in Padua, Italy. The place is called 'La Risorta' (the resurrected).
Coloured pencils on coloured paper 50x70 cm

Oii und Elisabeth “Oii und Elisabeth”

From the 'who owns who' serie this drawing portraits my dear viennese friend elisabeth and her dog. The portraits was commissioned. Coloured pencils on coloured paper 50x70 cm.