Kety Bagwalla

Kety Bagwalla

Location: Canada

My passion is painting on silk. I marvel at the way the colors flow and blend on silk creating magic....almost like Poetry on Silk.

I have taken part in juried shows and exhibited my work in galleries. I now become a part of Artavita and hope the viewers enjoy seeing my paintings.


Swimming Away

Painted on Habotai silk with French Dyes and framed without glass. Finished size - 28" X 22"

Swimming Away “Swimming Away”

Painted on Silk with French Dyes. Turtle swimming with the fishes in tranquil waters. Framed without glass. Size with frame - 25" X 20"

Northern Lights

Painted on Crepe De Chine with French Dyes and stretch-wrapped on wooden frame. Size - 36" X 36"

The Spirit of Santa Fe

Silk Painters International 2012 contest picture relative to images of Santa Fe where the 2012 S.P.I.N. Festival was held. My painting got selected to be featured in the S.P.I.N. calendar

Rajasthan Miniature on Silk

A beautiful Miniature of a Rajasthani royalty painted on pure silk. The detailing on the painting is done with a very fine brush and then enhanced with gold filigree work painted over the head of the figure to give a semblance of the Royal Lady standing near her carved window frame looking out in the courtyard. The painting is framed behind glass with black mat to bring out the beautiful vivid colors of the image using the perfect match of the frame with gold filigree around the border of the frame.