Kenneth Azzari

I create non-figurative encaustic mixed media collages which usually have a cultural or political undercurrent. I derive inspiration by collecting found objects clippings, photos and anything unusual. I do not avoid recognizable objects. If I use them, they have been repurposed into a new reality or idea. Mostly, I am not making paintings of things. I am creating art objects, which are things in themselves.

While color, space, line and all the other elements and principles of design are intelligently addressed in my art, I am drawn to texture more than the others. I believe that texture adds interest, feelings, and emotion to my work. As I explore the visual and tactile surfaces, that automatically appear when you are painting with wax, often incorporating the real textures of collected objects, a visual richness serves to unify my body of work.

• BA in art at California State University, Northridge
• MA in education at California State University, San
• Art director for TV and motion pictures for five years
• Art teacher and school administrator retired
• Full-time artist, 2008 to present
• Taos Center for the Arts self-portrait juried group show.
January and February 2010
• ArtSlant Online Fine Art showcase awards January
February and March 2011
• Touchtone Gallery, Taos, NM, juried show, August
And September 2011
• Taos Fall Arts Festival, Taos, NM: Taos Select, juried art
show, October 2011
• I Have the Right, CSU, Dominguez Hills, Picture Art
Foundation juried group show November 2011–July 2012
• Tenth Annual Miniature Show and Sale,
Millicent Rogers Museum Taos, NM, February 2012
• LaGrange National XXVI Biennial, LaGrange Art Museum,
LaGrange, Georgia, juried group show February 10, 2012–
April 20, 2012
• Studio Visit magazine, juried acceptance, published 2012
• World Wide Art Books, juried acceptance, published 2012
International Contemporary Masters, Vol.V, juried
acceptance, published 2012
• Taos Fall Arts Festival, Taos, NM: Taos Select, juried art
show, October 2013
• Emerald Art Center, Annual Juried National Show,
Springfield. Oregon May1 to May 31, 2015


Ken Azzari Fine Art

 Time Flies Whether or Not Fun is involved “ Time Flies Whether or Not Fun is involved”

Encaustic, Mixed Media. Self portrait 17" X 22"

 India Eyes “ India Eyes”

Encaustic, Mixed Media. 22" X 22'

 International Symbol of a Bear in Distress “ International Symbol of a Bear in Distress”

Encaustic, Mixed Media. 22" X 22"

 Hands of Mud “ Hands of Mud”

Encaustic, Mixed Media. 22" X 22"

Lest We Forget “Lest We Forget”

Acrylic, Mixed Media. 20" 26"

 Kit carson “ Kit carson”

Oil, Collage

Class of 64 “Class of 64”

Encaustic Mixed Media 32" X 40"

Making Time “Making Time”

This piece started to form when I was able to acquire the workings of a grand fathers clock. From there I explored many aspects of time that we experience every day.