Wib Dawson

Wib Dawson

Location: Canada

For as long as I can remember I've had a passion for creating images through both photography and painting. In recent years, I have been especially drawn toward digital painting and have marveled at how closely the technology can now emulate traditional painting media. I particularly enjoy creating work that has rich textures, vibrant colours and that is a little different from the ordinary. I work at trying to expand my artistic horizons through seeing life about me with appreciative eyes and translating what I see into art.

I like to think of my work as 'image poetry' where the viewer brings his or her own interpretation to the image. My one and only hope is that my work may move the viewer into an area of awareness that somehow may lead to a greater appreciation of life in all of its varied textures.



The Hunter “The Hunter”

Growing up in the country we occasionally would see a red fox snooping around. We had a chicken coop which was of particular interest to them - although only once did they manage to get inside. Foxes by nature are shy but they also possess a very inquisitive interest in anything that they may come upon that they’ve not encountered before. This guy is out hunting for his next meal most likely a mouse or two burrowed beneath the snow.

Outpost “Outpost”

I'm not sure why but there is something about wild solitary places that I love.

Moments in Life

Butterfly Garden “Butterfly Garden”

There is something about the beauty of butterflies that inspires awe and wonder in people of all ages.