Alberto Cerritos


Location: Canada


Painter, Sculptor, Digital Artist and Muralist.

315-5340 E, Hastings St, Burnaby, B.C.,

Painter, Sculptor, Digital Artist and Muralist.
Alberto Cerritos was born in San Salvador, El Salvador. He graduated from la Escuela de Pintura de la Dirección General de Bellas Artes de El Salvador in 1967 and from la Academia Nacional de Escultura Uquxkah in 1970.
His small bronze sculptures maintain a direct relationship with his stone monuments through their unity of form and space.
From his small drawings to his large canvasses, his work is characterized by a strong and personal symbolism related
to contemporary language.
His work has been presented in group and solo shows in San Salvador, Guatemala, Mexico City, Monterrey, Puebla, Oaxaca, Guadalajara, New York, Montreal, Toronto, Chicago, San Francisco, Oakland, Vancouver, Barcelona, Madrid, Rioja, Spain, Argentina and Changchun, China.

In 1993 he traveled in a cultural Canadian tour to West Africa for exhibitions and painting murals to Nigeria, Cameroon,
Ghana, Ivory Coast and Senegal.

In 2004 he was Invited by the Government of Changchun City, Xilin Province, China, to the 7th Changchun China International
Sculpture Symposium.
In 2005 he was Invited by The Worldwide Council of Visual Artists (COMAV) to paint murals
at the International Encounter of Public Art and Muralism celebrated in Tlaxcala, Mexico.
In 2006 he was Invited by the Regional Movement of Argentinean Muralist and the Municipality of Catamarca, the Municipality of Tucuman Northern Argentina as well by the Municipality of Berazategui, Great Buenos Aires,to paint murals.
On September 2007 he was Invited by The London Downtown Business Association and the City of London, to La Raza Group development of The Argentinean/Canadian Mural Project, London, Ontario, Canada.
In 2010 he was Invited by the Government of Changchun City, Xilin Province, China, to the 11th Changchun China International
Sculpture Symposium.

He has been a member of the Sociedad de Artistas Plasticos Mexicanos (SOMART) since 1987, and of Arts in Action Society from 1989 to 1993.
Actually he is a member of (UNARTES) The Salvadorian Society for Artists and Writers as well of (COMAV) The Worldwide Visual Arts Council.
He is a member of La Raza Group from Montreal, Canada, as well the Founder and actual Chairman of Group 21 Plus which represents
visual artists from 34 countries.

Since 1995 up to date he has been dedicated to develop Digital Art as well to the research and developments of an
Aesthetics for the Third Millennium and Complex Art.

Canadian Citizen since 1992.


Altar for Peace

Visual metaphores on Peace.

 AltarForPeace214 “ AltarForPeace214”

Visual metaphors on Peace

AltarForPeace219-1 “AltarForPeace219-1”

Visual metaphor on Peace

 AltarForPeace221-9 “ AltarForPeace221-9”

Visual metaphor on Peace

AltarForPeace222-6 “AltarForPeace222-6”

Visual metaphor on Peace

AltarForPeace242-6 “AltarForPeace242-6”

Visual metaphor on Peace

AltarForPeace9 “AltarForPeace9”

Visual metaphor on Peace

AltarForPeace15 “AltarForPeace15”

Visual metaphor on Peace

AltarForPeace31 “AltarForPeace31”

Visual metaphor on Peace