Eric Wixon

New contemporary painter creating post abstract portraiture as a means of elevating self awareness. Recently published in Beautiful Bizarre Magazine and recently exhibited at international art fairs, The LA Art Show and Art Basel.


Slow Triumph

A small series of 5 works examining and encouraging the on going creative process. I tend to view art as holistic and inseparable from life so these paintings essentially function as a tool towards self awareness.

LA way of life “LA way of life”

LA way of life is the essence of an easy going grin found on this character who embraces surf and sunshine.

Observations of inner listening “Observations of inner listening ”

Observations of inner listening revolves around the idea of learned self compassion. All to often motivation comes from a dark place, please be kind to yourself.

Appreciation of the unknown “Appreciation of the unknown ”

Appreciation of the unknown is sort of an homage to new experiences and a willing acceptance of that which we can not control, up to and including death.

Persistence of a better perception “Persistence of a better perception ”

Persistence of a better perception realizes we’re emotional beings who may view the same situation differently at any moment. It also suggests that view can be cumulatively shaped over time and made better by positive reinforcement.

NY state of mind “NY state of mind”

NY state of mind is summed up in the mischievous smile of this character who lacks concern for societal norms and has the confidence to forge new paths.