Heini Mika

Heini Mika is a Finnish artist who works and resides in New York City.
Heini has a BA degree in Fine Arts from the University of Worcester (UK) and a Fine Art and Visual Communications degree from the Pekka Halonen Academy of Art (Finland). She has exhibited her paintings around the world, most notably in The United Kingdom, Paris, United Arab Emirates, Indonesia, Monaco and New York. Her paintings have been published in a variety of magazines and some of her artworks are held by private collectors.
In her mixed media acrylic paintings Heini explores the dichotomy between her female idol's pop culture images and their true stories.
At first glance it may look like Heini's colourful and glittery artworks depict the image our pop culture has given to her idols perfectly, but what she aims to do is satirize our perceptions of her female heroines. With her signature style of kaleidoscopic colors mixed with her dark sense of humour Heini creates eye-catching artworks that are unique to her.

Instagram: @artistheinimika


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