Nova Clite

Nova Clite is a self-taught mixed-media artist who integrates found, crafted, and recycled objects to create works that both intrigue and challenge. Gravity and light are significant components in much of her work, including mobiles and free-hanging pieces. She creates and exhibits her work at her studio at Bell Arts Factory in Ventura, CA.

Artist's Statement on "Covid Juggler"
Covid Juggler dances through our created world to spin a global pandemic. Covid Juggler tosses us probabilities: who will catch it, who will have no symptoms and spread it, who will sicken, who will go to hospital, who will come out alive.
Covid Juggler cracks open our systems, reveals our strengths, our weaknesses, and fault lines. We respond with selfless dedication or selfish ideology. We feel fear, anger, confusion. We rebel! We suffer in isolation and revel in small moments of togetherness. But Covid Juggler considers none of this - just continuously probes our vulnerabilities, finding openings, seeking to perpetuate a deadly dance.



During recovery from a heart break, I focused on creating a sacred space for healing. Here it is!
Wall sculpture. Ceramic, acrylic paint, repurposed wire, beads. 10 x 21 in (26 x 54 cm)