Barbara Porczyńska

Barbara Porczyńska

Location: Poland

Born 1982. B.A. in Polish philology, M. A. in fine arts, graduated from the University of Rzeszów. Diploma with honours under the supervision of prof. Stanisław Białogłowicz. Twice scholarship holder of the Polish Minister of Science. 20 individual exhibitions, participant of more than 90 national and international collective exhibitions and plein aires. Winner of several artistic prizes. She publishes in the literary-artistic journal „Fraza“. A member of Polish Association of Artists (ZPAP) and the editor in chief of Rzeszow ZPAP branch newsletter „Sztuka i Życie“ in years 2011-2018. Currently a PhD student at the University of Rzeszow.



The professional life of a woman who becomes a mother is not the easiest. In the art world, motherhood happens to be stigmatized.
Currently, the woman’s scope of responsibilities grows to an enormous size. Her role has expanded: she has to be a heroine, idealized by handbooks, and commercials. In effect, a contemporary woman lasts in a permanent conflict – inner – with herself and outer – striving to meet the requirements imposed on her by society.
I’m interested in the topic of motherhood, everyday rituals connected with it and problems of woman-mother-artist. On the picture I show a woman in ordinary, ugly slippers, who wants to keep the right rhythm of duties.