Jerome Saliou

Jerome saliou

Location: France

Self taught artist Jerome Saliou began painting in Nice south of France on the advice of the famous japanese painter Mr Shinsai Haruta in 1995. In 2002 he left to live in London and his painting will be influenced by the london life. In 2016 he returns to live in the French Riviera.
He creates original acrylic paintings on canvas and original drawings . Impressionist and abstract modern style with the aim to share life through colour , like Picasso , Salavador Dali , Jean Michel Basquiat did .
He offers his work for sale, you wish he can create on order a Portrait , logos with his personal touch or artwork based on theme of your choice . Please contact us if you are interested in purchasing artwork or if you would like more information about Jerome Saliou Original Art .


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