Zoran Tomich

Zoran Tomich

Location: Serbia

My name is Zoran Tomich and visual artist I am from Serbia, where i live and create their art. My artwork is based on a very real and figurative painting landscapes and nature, and people who are in their environment, are there and other motives, mainly technique oils on canvas.


My art

So far in this portfolio I chose a couple of pictures that I painted beetween 2006 and 2015, year, and there are many other.

Couple In Love “Couple In Love”

This my artistic painting created in the fall 2013,and represents one authentic city love couple.

Deers “Deers”

This my artistic painting was created of 2007, and represents one detail from life of deer and their precious world of nature.

Lonely Girl “Lonely Girl”

This my artistic image is created in the May of 2015, and represents one city and lonely girl.

Winter Romance “Winter Romance”

This artistic image 'Winter Romance', was painted technique tempera on canvas in 2006, and representing one lovers of pair in the winter ambient.

Riders “Riders”

Painting 'Riders' was created between December 2013, and February 2014, and representing one cold winter ambience...

Roe “Roe”

This painting was created technique oil on canvas in the fall of 2015, and represents roe deer and one small detail from its natural environment.

In  nature “In nature ”

This artistic image: In Nature was created of 2007, technique oil on canvas, and represents a modern girl, in a semi-surreal landscape.

Sunset “Sunset”

This image was created in the autumn of 2013, and represents one lonely ambience and sun's rays that are refracted through it.

Little Girl On Horse “Little Girl On Horse”

This my artwork was created from 2015 and 2016, in the oil canvas and represents one authentic little girl on horse from city.