Barbara D’angelo Månsson

Barbara D’Angelo Månsson


Italian/Swedish artist living and working in Sweden, I draw inspiration from the diverse artistic heritage of Scandinavia and the vibrant essence of American Abstract Expressionism. Beginning my creative voyage with drawing and photography, I ultimately found my artistic voice in the realm of abstract painting.
My artistic process involves intertwining impasto techniques with unconventional materials like sand, plastic, metal and paper, resulting in structured canvases that beckon viewers to explore their tactile surfaces. By incorporating ink, charcoal and/or oil pastels, I achieve a dynamic and intricately layered effect that infuses my pieces with depth and visual complexity.

At the core of my artistry lies a profound exploration of human nature and its enduring impact on the world. Through my abstract compositions, I endeavor to unravel the intricacies of human emotions, experiences, and interactions, presenting audiences with a visual narrative that echoes with introspection and contemplation.


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