Ipek Senel

Ipek Senel

Location: Turkey

Born 1987 in Istanbul, Turkey.
Studied art at Marmara University Faculty of Fine Arts, Istanbul and Kunst Universitaet Linz, Austria with Erasmus exchange program. She lives, works in Izmir. She has, so far, had several group exhibition in Istanbul, Ankara and Barcelona.

Email: ipeksenell@gmail.com



Senel, collates organisms and various fragments which we’re used to find in nature and by fusing or sewing within the frame of her unique style. With this process her artworks arise. Her works deal with transiency, community,our microcosm.

About "Society"
They are free,

They are hardworking,

They are in harmony with the nature,

They have a regularity in a collective life,

they have hexagonal honeycomb nests
that inspire many architects and engineers,

They can demise from each other
to preserving the balance if they get very crowded in their combs,
They gird on, if they encounter with a life-endangering situation,