Marek Slavik



1998-2002 high school of Vaclav Hollar
2002-2008 AVU, Academy of fine arts in Prague – studio of classical painting techniques of prof. Zdenek Beran
2008 –lives and works in Prague

I am a Czech painter, born in Prague in 1982. I studied art at High school and at Academy Of Fine Arts in Prague in the studio of classical oil paintings. I am deeply focused on realistic oil painting and my previous major paintings depicted mainly landscapes and the human figure with expressive gestures reflecting life and the world in modern society. Currently, I create realistic paintings using abstractly shaped masses, which reflect life and reality in a wider context, leaving space for viewers interpretation. I am a lover of nature and currently live in the countryside near Prague, where I spend most of my spare time planting new trees and making the world a better place for living. My goal is to create a perfectly balanced paintings, where reality meets abstraction, mystery and the desire to explore the unknown – a deep story with a perfect technical performance of the painting.
Each theme is carefully created and transformed into a comprehensive visual form, which has only one task. Act on the viewer’s emotions through colors and shapes. My earlier works were, in most cases, composed of realistically painted landscapes and figures. But currently i gave up a mere rewriting reality to the canvas. It’s simply not enough for me at this moment. I try my paintings move away from all that is possible to see around us and insert into them my own unique vision. Everything is still done with a precise technique of oil painting and i believe that gives to my canvases extraordinary depth and weight.


Curved Reality 2016

Theese paintings are composed to take people´s mind into the places where they have never been before, thinking in ways they have never thought. I´am creating endless parallel worlds where emotions and feelings becomes principal of the paintings. I´m trying to show to the people another worlds and another type of thinking about reality, using only classical painting techniques which are as old as humandkind is, to depict something so far away from this world, but so known and aware.