Surreal Baroque Tatjana Tiziana

I'm an artiste from Switzerland and my homepage is www.tatjana-tiziana.com/ch
i'm loving all about nature, and the baroquestyle of the antique empire. But the most inspiration im getting by beeing in the nature arounded with a lot of trees, and green mountains with many free living animals.

Thanks a lot tatjana tiziana

surreal baroque floor “surreal baroque floor ”

This work huge 300 m square on canevas by tempera from the jear 2003, i've done by imagination . by thinking and dreaming on how it would be by flying in a church like an angel and to watch every thing/ the world from very far.
How all meets in that central pont of gravitation.
Copy rights by tatjana tiziana

Tatjana Tiziana “Tatjana Tiziana”

My portrait of Tatjana Tiziana

scetch about a sky “scetch about a sky”

It was a scetch for a ceiling painting