Adi Zur

adi zur

Location: Canada

My paintings reflect my interest in ancient knowledge.
I am moved by the notion of a “connector”—an umbilical cord — which joins us to knowledge harnessed in the past and propels us into the future. It is the cord, the connecting lines, that provides impetus for the artwork
I develop.

My Website is

“Painting is another form of diary-keeping.” (Picasso).

Ontario College of Art & Design, Toronto, Ontario
- Graduated with Honours majoring in drawing and painting
The Academy of Art Teachers, Tel-Aviv, Israel
Tel-Aviv University, Majored in Philosophy
AVNI – Institute of Art, Tel-Aviv, Israel

- “Featured Artists Volume II” 2011
- “International Contemporary Artists” April, 2011


Abstract Paintings

This is a portfolio of my most recent paintings.

Thoughts “Thoughts”

Blurry shapes

Complexity “Complexity”

Different shapes exploding in space

Hope “Hope”

Images in red.

Elusive Ways “Elusive Ways”

Lines like an image