Arnoldo Diaz

Arnoldo Díaz
9486 Boca River circle, Boca Raton, FL 33434 / Ph: 561 666 2970

Arnoldo is a full time Artist, Self-taught and born in Puerto Cabello, Venezuela in 1951.
Give, share and bring consciousness thru his art of a vibrant message of happiness, color and life with humanity, making our surroundings a better place to live.

Arnoldo has a long, rich and experienced professional artistic career that began at an early age and has expanded for forty one (41) years.
He has more than forty (40) individual expositions and an even large number of collective exhibitions in museums, institutions, galleries, art salons and public places in Venezuela, other countries in the Americas and Europe, such as: Nice y Cannes (France) – Bucharest (Rumania) – Sofia (Bulgaria) – Lima (Peru) – Edmonton (Canada) – Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Washington DC, Santa Fe New México, Tampa (USA) – Benevento (Italy) – Naples (Italy) – Roma (Italy) – Stockholm (Sweden) – Taranto (Italy) – Caserta (Italy).-Caracas (Venezuela). Arnoldo has participated in multiple Art Fairs in: Miami (FL) - Wichita (KS),-New Jersey Shore (NJ) - Tucson (AZ) - Lubbock (TX) - Dallas (TX) - Detroit (MI) -Atlanta (GA) -Myrtle Beach (SC) - Indialantic (FL) -Stuart (FL) - Fort Mayer (FL) - Jacksonville (FL) - East Hampton (NY).

- Honorific Mention “Studio Fecha” Caracas, Venezuela. 1975
- 2nd prize “Caveguias” Caracas, Vzla. 1978
- Honorific mention Second Painting Exhibition “Tito Salas” Maracay, Venezuela. 1978
- 1st mention experimental painting “Salón de Arte Santa Teresa” Aragua, Venezuela. 1978
- 2nd prize “Universidad de Carabobo” Carabobo, Venezuela. 1978
- 1st prize “VI Salón Marina Mercante” Caracas, Venezuela. 1978
- 1st prize “IX Salón Marina Mercante” Caracas, Venezuela. 1981
- Honorific Mention “XI Salón de Arte Cámara de Comercio e Industrias” La Guaira, Venezuela. 1982
- Honorific Mention “XII Salón de Arte Cámara de Comercio e Industrias” La Guaira, Venezuela. 1983
- 2nd Prize “V Salón de Arte Universidad Santa Maria” Caracas, Venezuela. 1983
- Honorific Mention “V Salón de Arte Luis Alfredo López Méndez” Santa Paula, Caracas, Venezuela 1987
- 2nd Prize “XVI Salón Marina Mercante” Caracas, Venezuela. 1988
- 5th Prize “Cámara de Comercio e Industrias” La Guaira, Venezuela. 1988
- 4th Prize “Salón Cadmi Aragua” Maracay, Venezuela. 1991
- “ABSOLUT Artist” FL, USA. 1996
- Offical Creative Artist for the Miami 100 years celebration. “Miami Centennial Birthday Extravagance” 1996
- Honorific Mention “Salón Francisco de Goya” Crisolart Galllery, Barcelona , España. 2008

Artwork represented in Muesums and Public Institutions:
Consulado de Venezuela en Nápoles, Italia. // Universidad Pontificia Salesiana, Roma, Italia. // Universidad de Carabobo, Venezuela // Museo de Arte Moderno Mario Abreu, Maracay, Venezuela. // Instituto Washington, Caracas, Venezuela. // Procter & Gamble, Caracas, Venezuela. // Museo de Benevento, Italia. // Casa de La Cultura, Yaracuy, Venezuela. // Instituto Italo-latinoamericano, Roma, Italia. // Escuela Guevara Rojas, Maracay, Venezuela. // Modern Art Café, Edmonton, Canadá. // Consulado de Venezuela, New York, USA. //

Private collections:
Mrs. Tinin de La Cruz, Columbus, Ohio. // Mr. & Mrs. Di Paolo, Chicago, Illinois. // Mr. & Mrs. Oyuela, Houston,
Texas. // Mr. & Mrs. Rengel, Hillsboro, North Carolina. // Mrs. Eva Gutiérrez, Panamá. // Mr. & Mrs. Arreaga, Caracas, Venezuela. // Mr. & Mrs. CB Thimann, Pompano, Florida. // Mr. & Mrs. CD Thimann, Detroit, Michigan // Mr. & Mrs. Moscoso-Thimann Pembroke Pines, FL // Mr. & Mrs. Abreu Citron, Hollywood, Florida. // Mr. & Mrs. Sanchez, Houston, Texas. // Mr. & Mrs. Lokind, Estocolmo, Suecia. // Mrs. Cerdeira, Madrid, España. Mr. & Mrs. Vera, Caracas.

Private Galleries:
Art Rouge Gallery, Miami, FL. // Conexiones Art Gallery, Weston, FL. // Arte Bortot, Caracas, Venezuela. //
Dimaca Art gallery, Caracas, Venezuela. // Galería, Art 3, Caracas, Venezuela. // Galería L.P.G, Caracas, Venezuela. // Galería Bahía, Barcelona, Venezuela. // Artist Studio, Maracay, Venezuela.

Arnoldo’s Interests: He’s a passionate about Art and Nature and loves Sports, Reading and Travel.