Nitsan Tal

Nitsan Tal was born and raised in Israel, in a Kibbutz.
Her grandfather, an avid amateur photographer, gave her her first SLR camera together with Dark room equipment, and sparked her first interest in photography.
Nitsan studied veterinary medicine in Israel and moved to the U.S. in 1998. The proximity to New York City allowed her to take classes in photography while practicing as a veterinarian.
In 2008 Nitsan established her photography studio in Closter, New Jersey.
The studio specializes in portraits and beauty shots for private and commercial clients alike.
Nitsan’s personal work is documentary in style with emphasis on the human condition. She has special interest in the work of nonprofit aid organizations and donates her time and services to NGO’s around the world.


Refugees in Ecuador

In March of 2012 I traveled to Ecuador to document the work of the nonprofit organization "Asylum Access" and the lives of the refugees it represents.
The images in this portfolio are of refugees we interviewed and of the refugee town of San Lorenzo on the Colombian border.
Some of the refugees are photographed with their faces partially hidden since they are still afraid for their safety.

Frames “Frames”

Jane, A colombian refugee, mother of 3, supports herself and her family by making wooden frames and mirors and selling them.

child's play “child's play”

Jane's son in their home at the outskirts of Quito.

Maria at 17 “Maria at 17”

Maria is a second generation refugee. She left Colombia with her family when she was 11 years old. Now 17, she hopes to study journalism at a university.Her mother requested that we will not photograph her in a recognizable way.

Lydia “Lydia”

Lydia lives with her 3 children in a 1 room apartment. She requested that her face not be shown in the pictures in fear of her Colombian pursuers.

waiting for consult “waiting for consult”

A young woman waiting her turn for legal consult.

Soccer “Soccer”

Children playing at the church yard in San Lorenzo.

Bicycles “Bicycles”

Children playing at the church yard in San Lorenzo.