Fred Meunier

Fred Meunier

Location: Canada

Fred Meunier is an oil painter for whom no effort or exertion is too extreme. Avidly engaged in outdoor pursuits, his search for the ultimate quarry has taken him into the Canadian wilderness and around the world.

Possessing an affinity for multiple genres, Fred Meunier skilfully manoeuvres the subtle nuances of rural farmland, mountain settings, seascapes and still life. Working in a direct manner, or alla prima, he starts and finishes a painting in a single session, employing combinations of precision brushwork and palette knife. Hiking into rugged backcountry during the summer, Fred creates plein air studies that may be taken into the studio for further development over winter months.

Discovering a recent and fresh diversion, Fred Meunier has delved into the three-dimensional world of sculpture. Embracing new tools and drawing upon his drafting prowess, Fred’s collective experience comes into play as he carves, files and sands soapstone and alabaster into fantastic creatures.

Fred Meunier continues to develop as an artist through further study, exploration and experimentation.


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