Jean Jacques Porret

Jean Jacques Porret was born in Switzerland to a family of art and antique collectors. This seeded the climate for his appreciation of beautiful things and contributed to the development of his artistic sense. His interest in art took him to museums all over the world. He was fortunate to be able to talk with some of the major sculptors at the time and exchange ideas about their focus on abstract figures.
His work is figurative but is not about the figure. He considers himself an expressionist, as he is more interested in communicating an abstract feeling or idea than an actual mage. He use recognizable forms to evoke emotions and stimulate sensations. Those aspects of Porret’s personality which could not be suppressed by rules are what make him so original and are the poetry of his work. He represents people in the abstract, using recognizable forms to evoke emotions and stimulate sensations, one form softly melting into the next.