Shae Skidmore

Shae is an artist by nature and with nature brings wood, metal and stone into works of art. His eye for form and movement has captured the interests of galleries and collectors abroad. Shae started his career/studies in art in West Texas and now travels abroad sharing and teaching is abilities abroad.


Shae's Relic Series

This is a series named The Relic Series. I wanted to create a series of work that has the feel of work that has been unearthed from an ancient civilization.

On point “On point”

This sculpture stands 28"tall and is resin and African Porcupine quills.

Have you seen my muse? “Have you seen my muse?”

A fun sculpture of that oh so common artist block and looking for inspiration.

Peacefully Disconnected “Peacefully Disconnected ”

A sculpture representing peace and disconnected from lifes stress.