Ann Dunbar

Ann Dunbar

Location: France

Art & design BA Honours Degree at West Surrey College of Art 1975 -8

Teachers' Diploma specialising in Art

Full time Professional Artist

Member of Maison des Artists in France and many international art associations.

Numerous awards (50) and diplomas, including three gold medals in international salons in


Principal Exhibitions

Exhibitions world-wide

Represented by Paola Trevisan International.Italy
Shoalhaven Fine Art Gallery, NSW, Australia
G&C Gallery, Tunbridge Wells, UK
Singulart Gallery, Online



This collection was created by my stay in Valensole valley near Digne les Bains this summer. The watercolours were directly worked 'en plein air", to capture the light as would the impressionists have done. Then back in my studio, I embroidered the gorgeous textures and details of the pastures or fields. The threads come alive and you can feel the wind in the grasses.

Morning Freshness “Morning Freshness”

The wonderful mix of colours in the foreground; lavander, poppies and wild grasses just sing in the freshness of the morning. The hills in the distance have a profound sense of distance, with the gradation of blues.

Poppies Rejoice “Poppies Rejoice”

My favorite wild flower which depicts gaiety and delicateness. Poppies rejoice is a study of a wild clump seen dancing in the wind at the valley of valensole.

Bori “Bori”

In Provence, the mystical round construction called "bori"., is a wonderful site especially surrounded by a lavender field

Aiglun Chapel “Aiglun Chapel”

In the heat of the day, this little church sitting at the bottom of a little valley captured my attention. The striking crop of sage which is grown for medicine looks majestic and delicate against the old stone of the church. the place just oozes of history. The bell tower is a typical shape in Prove├žal medieval architecture.

In the Light of dusk “In the Light of dusk”

After a day of painting, just as the sun was creeping down, I spotted the tall spies of sage once again, taking on a different aspect and appearing solid and powerful silouetted in the muted background.

Summer Palette of Oraison “Summer Palette of Oraison”

In this farming community, there are acres of sunflowers. This is true Proven├žal vision. I just love their jolly heads and in a mass just calls for embroidery.