Terence R Rogers

I've been painting from a very early age, and have had no formal tuition. I was never allowed to attend Art College, so instead became a Draughtsman, before going on to be an Engineer.

I have exhibited 4 times with the Guild of Aviation Artists in the Carisbrooke Gallery, Marble Arch, London, and way back in 1995, when the SAA was the Society for Amateur Artists, I did receive a Highly Commended, at the Westminster Exhibition.

I have been in many other exhibitions, exhibiting a wide range of subjects, and have done a great many commissions over the years.

Currently I regularly demonstrate, free of charge, at my local Art Group(s).

Some of my works have sold in Europe and the USA, and one or two have made it to Australia! (many have sucessfuly made it to the bin too)

Recently I have become an Associate of the American Society of Aviation Artists (ASAA)

I consider myself to be an amateur, as I have never been able to make a living from my art. Only when my art can sustain me, will I be a professional.

My web site is www.artpainter.co.uk so please take a visit, leave a comment in the guest book too if you feel like it. (it all helps)

Although with my work, before I retired, I had taken many thousands of photos, I cannot seem to photograph my own works, to do them justice, so please forgive me.


2011/2012 Works

These are all my latest works mostly using Acrylics, which have become my main medium in this period. You can see many more on www.artpainter.co.uk

A Leap of Faith “A Leap of Faith”

I'm trying to do something new for me, by dividing up my canvasses

For Jack “For Jack”

This is a painting of Jack Vettriano

Hello Young Man “Hello Young Man”

I acquired written permission to paint this, I just thought it would make a good painting

Thunderbird “Thunderbird”

I just love painting mechanical things, especially aircraft

Touching the Field “Touching the Field”

Aircraft undercarriage

Jump “Jump”

Harrier cockpit

Canopy “Canopy”

F4 Phantom of the Sundowner Squadron

OK Run Them Up “OK Run Them Up”

RAF Shackleton

Grrrrrrrrrr! “Grrrrrrrrrr!”

P40 Flying Tiger

Start to Finish “Start to Finish”

P51 Mustang, demonstrating the basics of painting in acrylics

The Little Red Boat “The Little Red Boat”

This is the son of another artist

Cheeky “Cheeky”

This was painted on one of those rainy days, just to make me feel good!

Pride “Pride”

This was painted as a demonstration piece for one of my art groups

Masthead Gone “Masthead Gone”

Painted in the Jack Vettriano Style. My thanks to Jack, for whom I have great respect

The Race is On “The Race is On”

I'll try anything once

Bamboo on Blue “Bamboo on Blue”

This was painted to show others in my Art Group, that a painting can be very basic but effective

Fairview “Fairview”

I saw this boat in Kefalonia, Greece, and just had to paint it some how

Amy and Stan “Amy and Stan”

This is a portrait of a Friends daughter, Amy and her horse, Stan

The Thunder of the Mustang “The Thunder of the Mustang”

P51 Mustang flying through the storm clouds of war

Thunderbolt “Thunderbolt”

P38 Thunderbolt flying over a wheat field while a storm looms

There Goes Our Boys! “There Goes Our Boys!”

DC3 Douglas Dakota in D-Day Colours