Darrel Giesbrecht

darrel giesbrecht

Location: Canada

Darrel Giesbrecht is a Lake Country, B.C. photographic artist preferring various earthscape genres and counts among his influences Freeman Patterson, Eliot Porter and early 20th century Canadian painters, Tom Thomson and the Group of Seven. His work is created by and appeals mainly to his own sense of beauty and aesthetics while trying to remain original and authentic. If it resonates in some way with others, he considers it a privilege. Any of Giesbrecht's prints are available as limited numbered and signed prints on paper or canvas or stretched as gallery wraps. He can be reached at "lukesview@shaw.ca" for any questions or more info.


Earthscape: Intimates and Abstracts

A smaller collection of nature images that are close in and intimate with emphasis on composition, color and texture in nature.

2448 Ritual Dance “2448 Ritual Dance”

These willow trees were heavy in hoar frost this morning creating some surreal images.

Bardo: Letting Light In “Bardo: Letting Light In”

This is an image of an aspen copse created by intentional camera movement. I thought the side light into the otherwise darker grove could best be described as metaphorical.

Spotted Lake “Spotted Lake”

Klikuk, or Spotted Lake, near Osoyoos, B.C., has been a sacred medicine lake for the Syilx people for hundreds of years. Tradition has it that the person who desires healing has invitation to go down to its shores and find their own "circle" to immerse themselves in. I chose this particular frame for the heart shaped pool in the foreground with footsteps around it. Who knows?


Just a few images of people getting outdoors and discovering themselves.

Jump “Jump”

This is Rattlesnake Island on Okanagan Lake in the southern interior of British Columbia. The island, one of two on the 100 mile long lake, is reputed to be the home of the legendary water creature, the Ogopogo. Its lair apparently lies just beneath the swimmer. I told him after he jumped though he probably would have jumped anyway!


Refugio “Refugio”

birds find a place for their nest at the library at Yale University, New Haven.