Marie-hélène Stokkink

Marie-Hélène STOKKINK

Location: France

For her expression artistique, Marie-Hélène
has deliberately chosen « living nature ».
Human beings, animals are essentiel in her creation.
Their mouvements, their attitudes are ‘captured’ on paper, daily work during lots of years where the golden rule is spontaneity. Sketches, drawings with colorpencils, waterpaint,washes, pen and bistre are the essential elements technically used.
The palette of emotions is multiple and you can see just vulnerability, sensuality, fear, wonder in the bodylangage.



Taureau Charolais “Taureau Charolais”

waterpainting 0'9 73x53cm

mothergoat with her child “mothergoat with her child”

2010 waterpainting 62x48cm

les poussins dans la tempête “les poussins dans la tempête ”

2006 waterpainting 60x70cm

streetlight “streetlight”

2006 waterpainting 52x32cm

talking pig “talking pig”

2010 waterpainting 46x46cm

Polarbears in the Moscou zoo “Polarbears in the Moscou zoo”

2009 waterpainting 70x52cm

The Foal “The Foal”

2010 waterpainting 48x64cm

Lady Mouton “Lady Mouton”

2009 waterpainting 57x42cm

La chatte qui tricote “La chatte qui tricote”

2010 waterpainting 44x57cm

Soleil ,like a Labrador “Soleil ,like a Labrador”

2009 waterpainting 50x38cm