Tina Koresis

Tina Koresis

Location: Australia

Instagram: @tinakdesigns

Tina Koresis is an abstract artist in Melbourne, Australia.

Her work is inspired by nature and is often described as dreamy and serene, as it captures the essence of beauty through its delicate hues.

Tina’s art journeys through the harmonious flow of colour to a realm of infinite possibility, where she expresses her creativity through her passion for colour, texture and design.

Embracing her creative inspirations and love for interior decor, she began her abstract collections in 2003, commissioning her artwork to various clients and supplying to retailers.

Her creative process is intuitive & spontaneous. Using a variety of media, she allows her intuition to guide her through the movement of colour, gradually building up layers & enhancing it through texture, to create a multidimensional uniqueness to each piece.