Andrew Mezvinsky

Andrew Mezvinsky

Location: Austria

Andrew Margolies Mezvinsky was born in 1982 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and is currently based in Vienna, Austria.

He uses a large variety of different techniques such as india ink, graphite, oil, pastel, collages and indian dyeing technique and introduces mixed media into his sculptural drawings, paintings and videos. He approaches each piece as a painting but not letting medium or form dictate the final result.

His work has been shown internationally from Russia to India, Slovenia, Great Britain, Austria, Mongolia and the U.S.A. In 2005 he was represented in a side event at the Biennale di Venezia as a part of the Art group RGB (Slovenia). In 2007 he contributed a fabrication installation for a satellite fair of the Art Basel in Switzerland. Under his direction, in October 2011, Il Fazzoletto“ a contemporary divertimento/operetta, celebrated its premiere at the Institute of Fine Arts in San Francisco. In 2014 his touring solo show “ A Good Day” debuted at the Jewish Museum Vienna . His art is part of many private and museums' collections such as The Hirshhorn Collection in Washington DC, the Brot Kunsthalle in Vienna, Zanabazar Museum in Mongolia and the Jüdisches Museum Vienna as well as the collections of Jim Lambie (UK), Jane Holzer, (USA) Ernst Hilger(Austria), Albert Baker Knoll(USA), Franz West (Austria) and Bernhard and Elizabeth Hainz(Austria).

He has been featured in several publications such as The Harvard Advocate, Eco Magazine Vienna, Falter, Parnass Magazine and also produced the books “a Good day” , “Nabucco's Hubris”, and “the adventures of Trauma”.

Crude Randomness of the Mind, SITE109, NYC, USA
Lessing/ A Good Day, Austrian Cultural Forum, NYC, USA
the crude randomness of the mind, O.T. Max Lust, Vienna, Austria
A Good Day, Jewish Museum, Vienna, Austria
A Moveable Feast, PS Art Space, Vienna, Austria
Il Fazzoletto, Performance Art Institute, San Francisco,USA
All roads lead to ..., Rafael Gallery, Delhi, India
Socialism Now* here,, ROG Gallery, Ljubljana, Slovenia
Mister Manic, Raafael Gallery, Delhi , India
Traumatic Ice Cream Dreams, Fridge Gallery, Glasgow, UK
Painterly Visions, curated by Annie Gatwick, G Fine Art, Washington DC, USA
Struggletown, Blue Sun Gallery, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
Bad Grammar, Zanabaazar Museum, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
Trauma, Trauma, Trauma, Izola Library, Slovenia
Unknown Propaganda, curated by Vasja Nagy, City Counsel of Koper, Slovenia
Landscapes for Paradise, Maison Gallery, Mont Clair, USA
Fish tank of Trauma, Dom Dva Topola, Izola Slovenia

Gimp of the Jellyfish, Arthouse Hotel, Glasgow, UK


* “Double decker Dada Theatre”, Vienna, Austria
“The University. A Battleground”,Jewish Museum, Vienna, Austria
LOCOMOT, Einsbeuro, Vienna, Austria
Book Opening, Hilger NEXT Gallerie, Vienna Austria
3 min to Midnight, Off space -Vienna, Austria
Findin Frida, NSU ART MUSEUM, Fort Lauderdale,USA
Klagenfurt Museum, Austria
Parallel Art Fair, Project 4 space, Vienna, Austria
SLEDI / SPUREN, 12-13 Gallery, Touring Europe
MOYA Annuale 2014, Museum of Young Artist, Vienna, Austria
zur Erinnerung an Bernsteiner West, Schloss Galerie Herzogburg, ST. Veit, Austria
ViennaFair, Hilger Solo booth Zone 1, Vienna, Austria
Tribute to Franz West, Gallerie Konzett, Vienna, Austria
Dal Telescopio al Mondo, Lequartto Pareti, Napoli, Italy
ViennaFair , Vienna, Austria
Emerge Art Fair, Hilger Brot Kunstahalle, Washington Dc, USA
ENDLICH IM KLIMT JAHR, NishnijI Nowgorod , Russia
Affordable Art Fair North, Cynthia Corbett Gallery, London, UK
Young Masters Art Prize, Cynthia Corbett Gallery, London, UK
Tell me..., Operngasse 4, Vienna, Austria
Sound and the Fury, Hubert Winter Gallery, Vienna, Austria
Pulse New York, Hilger Contemporary, Vienna, Austria
Things We Like, Toomey – Tourell Gallery, San Francisco,USA
H.O.M.E.D.E.P.O.T, Vienna, Austria
Food Art and Science 1° edition 2010, I Leone, Vienna Austria
Pulse Art Fair Maimi Art Basel, Hilger Contemporary, Vienna, Austria
Aqua Art Fair Miami Art Basel, Toomey – Tourell Gallery, San Francisco,USA
Emerge Art Fair DC, Hilger BROT Kunsthalle , Vienna, Austria
North by Northwest, Magazin , Vienna, Austria
Aquarell Happening Tux, Tiroler Landesmuseum Ferdinandeum, Innsbruck, Austria
Art Happens, curated by Asher Barker, Project Shift Gallery, Philadelphia, USA
Bridge Art Fair Berlin, curated by Amalie Merson, Vagabond Gallery, New York City, USA
Basel Art Fair, curated by Barbara Laux, Zooloose Gallery, Art Basel, Switzerland
Red Dot Art Fair, curated by Amalie Merson, Vagabond Gallery, New York City, USA
Holli Exhibition, curated by Himanshu Verma, Rafaael Gallery, Delhi, India
Aquarell Happening, curated by Olivia Gunther, Mehlerhaus, Tux, Austria
Kunstmarkt, curated by Olivia Gunther, Fridge Gallery-Art Basel, Switzerland
Future Trip...Sketch box.04, curated by Art Group Morion, Lido, Italy
Light Drawing for All, curated by Art Group Morion, Mars Pavilion, Biennale di Venezia
Piran Extempore, Piran, Slovenia
Aquarell Happening, curated by Olivia Gunther, Mehlerhaus, Tux, Austria
Sketchbox.03, curated by RGB group, Gallery Zapoor, Koper, Slovenia
Contemporary visions, curated by Mladen Bosanac, Contra Gallery, Koper, Slovenia
Slovenska visions, curated by Simon Svetlik, Hotiza city counsel, Slovenia
Terra Nova, curated by Ruth Hedges, Macintosh Gallery, Glasgow, UK
Scottish Society of Artist, Royal Scottish Academy, Edinburgh, UK


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