Margaretha Gubernale

Margaretha Gubernale, 6.9.1941, Zug/Switzerland (double-nationality Italy)
The most of mystic pictures of Margaretha Gubernale are painted in oil on canvas. The source of her inspirations are the nature and philosophy and elements of anthroposophy. She works nearly 30 years as an artist.

1983 Castel of elector, Mainz/Germany
1984 Art Cabinet Baden-Baden/Germany
1985 Centre Rodino, Napoli/Italy
1988 Biennale Quebec, Canada
1992 Galerie du Relais, Horgen/Switzerland
1993 Montserrat Gallery,New York/Broadway/Soho USA
2005 Centre Cultural, Christiane Peogeot, Paris/France
2008 Olympic Fine Arts 2008, Beijing, China
2009 Akzenta Graz, Austria
2009 International Art Exposition “Grenzenlos”, Cham Switzerland
2009 Kunstmarkt Baar ZG, Switzerland
2010 OFA Museum Sarajevo and City Hall of Banja Luka, Bosnia-Herzegowina
2010 Museum Kiev, International Exhibition UKRAINIAN ART WEEK
2010 International Exposition, „Ukrainian ArtWeek“, Museum Kiev
2011 St.Petersburg's ArtWeek
2011 Moscow ArtWeek
2011 AGORA Gallery, New York USA
2012 UK-flags with OFAA under Unesco, Beireut Libanon
2012 Broadway Gallery New York USA 12.July - 3. August
2012 Suisse Arte Basel, International Art Fair, Switzerland
2012 Forum Zugerland, Schweiz
2013 Affordable Art Fair Milan, Itay
2013 Galerie Sabrina Falzone, Milan Italy
2013 Museo Civico, Monreale, Palermo, Italy
2014 1° Biennale d'Arte Verona, Italy
2014 Kunst 2014 Berlin, GZGaleria, Forum Factory, Berlin
2014 Artexpo, Pier 94, New York USA

Many others in Berlin, Munich, Strassbourg, Madrid, Sicily

1983 goldmedal of Kunstkreis Baden-Baden Germany
1984 First prize of competition Florence-Europe/Italy
1986 Dame Commander of Sovereign Order of Saint John of Jerusalem
1986 Goldmedal Spain of Gold, Cristobal Colon, Madrid, Spain
1988 Certificate of excellence for outstanding achievement in painting
from International Art Competition, Metro, New York, USA
1991 Goldmedal of Académie des Beaux Arts, Maître Laznikas, Paris
1999 Prize 2000, Luca Roma/Italy
2008 Goldmedal of OFA Fine Arts 2008, Beijing /China
2009 Premio AGAPE, San Gaudenzio, Milan/Italy
2011 Diplom of St.Petersburg’s ArtWeek, professional
2012 Premio dei Normanni, Palermo Italy
2012 Premio Nobel dell'Arte, Montecarlo, Monaco
2013 Premio Oscar dell'Arte, Montecarlo, Monaco
and others, mentionned in local and international newspaper


with all disciplines of human be
ARTisSpectrum May page 27

Garuda “Garuda”

G a r u d a, 24" x 24", oil on canvas, 2012
Thus lead my fate
the love and light
and let vibrate my wings
from sunrise till the night
and from night to newest morning dawn.

Bird of Prey “Bird of Prey”

Bird of Prey, 24" x 24", oil on canvas, 2012
That grow me firy wings
I used the gold of earth.
So I will be guard of water and guard of fire.
Through the air the winds bring me
softely to the light.

Harpyie “Harpyie”

Harpyie, 24" x 24",oil on canvas, 2012
The day came,
when I tore and broke
with my stormharp
everything that couldn’t resist.
I did this,
in a single, painful hour
that with the blood of weakness
in the earth
will develop the new.