Recep Akar

Recep Akar

Location: Turkey

He was born in Istanbul in 1979. He graduated from Marmara University Faculty of Communications Department of Cinema-TV in 2001. He has produced works in the fields of short film, documentary and video since 1998. As a form of artistic expression every type of moving images attracts his attention. Metropolitan life and the individual, and consumption culture and alienation are the leading common themes seen in his works.

He has recently produced works mainly in the field of video art. He is continuing his post-graduate degree in cinema-tv and is giving cinema lessons at Lycée Saint Michel.


IN_BETWEEN Single channel video - 2012
DESTRUCTION Two channel video - 2011
REWIND Single channel video - 2011
PLASTICITY Single channel video - 2010
DELIRIUM Single channel video - 2008
THERE Exp.documentary - 2007
FAST FORWARD Single channel video -2005
POST ORGASMIC CHILL Single channel video -2003
NYLON DREAMS Short Film - 2001
REFLECTION Short Film - 1999
WORLD’S DICTATORS MAP Documentary - 1998


IN-BETWEEN / single channel video, 2012

Man, in his complicated and multi-dimensional life, can make himself independent in intellectual terms only when he internalizes his experiences and develops awareness. The struggle man has with himself becomes meaningful when the historical development of his desire to lead himself is considered. This painful struggle whose winner and loser are the same, brings change and transformation within. "In-between" is a single channel video that has been produced starting off from this struggle.

DESTRUCTION / 2 channel video, 2011

Destruction, which is the act of smashing, disarranging and damaging an established thing, is one of the manifestations of the techno-industrial capitalist system. Destruction is a cyclic process in economics, industry, urbanization, ecology and in man, who is the only focus of all these. The destruction of the old and the foundation of the new instead in its place constantly forces man to rebuild and transform himself, his thoughts, his habitat. This process brings an inevitably vicious cycle within itself. “Destruction” is a two channel loop-video project created from and illustrating this vicious cycle.

REWIND / single channel video, 2011

“To be whole is to be part, true voyage is return…”
Ursula K. Le Guin

Rewind is a single channel video project which re-interprets the choreography of an inner journey by reversing both motion and the motion’s relationship with time and space.

PLASTICITY / single channel video, 2010

Man is born, grows up, reproduces and dies. What about plastic?

DELIRIUM / single channel video, 2008

The thing we define as “wave” consists of the momentry picture of ongoing eternal motion. It is the spectator’s objective observation and perception that creates the image of wave. Wave is a one moment’s trace created in the spectator’s mind by the eternal motion which does not have a subjective entity, and which does not stop at any place or moment. It comes from the sea and returns to the sea again…

ORADA / THERE / exp. documentary, 2007

An ordinary october day in alittle village on the shore of the Black Sea…

FAST FORWARD / single channel video, 2005

“There aren’t black squares in crossword puzzles any more, nor are there lines and columns. The only question which hasn’t been marked done is : who are we?”
A “fast forward” dystopia that flows on the window of a fast train…

NYLON DREAMS / short film, 2001

A metaphorical look at today’s world from the eyes of a little child…