Location: Australia

Samantha graduated from the University of Southern Queensland in 2006 attaining a Bachelor of Visual Arts with distinction and received the Hugh Childs Award for graduating top of her class. After graduating, the owners of Bellas and Milani gallery introduced her to Brisbane erotic art collector Alex Mackay who bought her entire university portfolio. The money allowed her to travel through Europe and live in London for six months. Samantha moved to Melbourne in 2008 and regained contact with Alex while touring his collection through regional Australia. She performed at the opening of The Art of the Nude exhibition in Albury, wearing her ‘Birthday Suit’. In 2010 Samantha worked as a drawing assistant for artist Tom Nicholson and completed honours at Monash University. She returned to Queensland in early 2012.



Samantha Norman is a realistic figurative painter whose most recent paintings include Freudian incarnations of male and female nudes drawn from a female perspective. Elements of narcissism, auto eroticism, penis envy and castration complex permeate her specimen like portraits, which aim to represent psychologically bizarre manifestations with empathy and tenderness