Margo Banks

margo banks

Location: Ireland

Name: Margo Banks
Address: 31 Baymount Park, Clontarf, Dublin 3
Phone: 01 8336254 – 087 2834136

The role of drawing is fundamental to my work. These drawings of crows and animals are sometimes prefaces to paintings, and sometimes a relaxation from them. They are works in their own right.

They are witnesses to the changes in the landscape of Teeromoyle in South West Kerry – my mother’s place.

My mother died quite young but I was reared on her stories about her childhood in the mountains, so family and a sense of place haunts my work. My mother’s past is my past. Her parent’s house is long gone but the field where the house was remains unchanged and I have painted this field many times.

.Painting the field sometimes makes me feel snug, warm and sheltered and other times exposed, vulnerable and turbulent. I remove layers of earth while adding layers of paint

This is my subject matter, not the meaning of my paintings


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