Ahmedov Zakir


Akhmedov Zakir Ahmed ???? - the sculptor from Azerbaijan
1955 was born in Baku.

In 1982 - 1988 it was trained at Azerbaijan university Iskustv at faculty of a sculpture. With 1988 - a member of the Union of artists of the USSR, a member of the Union of artists of Azerbaijan. The participant of national and international exhibitions in Russia, Germany, France, England, Poland, Finland, Africa, Singapore, the USA, Turkey and other countries.
My Works are in private{individual} collections of the countries of the world.

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Dear connoisseurs of true art!
ZAKIR ART STUDIO provide you with a unique opportunity to order a bronze sculpture
 composition of all sizes for all interior and exterior.
The choice is very large in scope and topics. We offer cooperation on favorable terms.
There are developments in the sketches and unique modern exterior fountains and garden sculptures.
Carry out orders with portraits of carpets and other compositions.

Customization monument, memorial plaques, sculpture park,
 memorial monuments (tombstones), statues and statuettes, busts, reliefs, bronze heraldry,
 iron, sheet copper, granite, marble, limestone, concrete, artificial stone, wood.
Restoration and reconstruction of the sculpture.
If my sculptures,paintings and carpets you like we can work mutually beneficial terms.

      Adress.ZAKIR ART STUDIO.AZERBAIJAN.BAKU.ST.AZADLIG 82 mobile +994503596581
      E-MAIL artbaku@rambler.ru-------------------- bronza-08@mail.ru

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.Later “.Later ”

.Later 2000yea bronze H 35X71X30cm 30000$

 Husky and his friends “ Husky and his friends ”

Husky and his friends 2021year 70x50cmOriginal Painting Oil on Canvas 7000$

.Morning “.Morning ”

.Morning 2022 year Oil Paintings on Canvas70x50cm 9000$

Carpet and girl “Carpet and girl”

Carpet and girl2018year oil on canvas 70X50cm5000$

We do not grow old “We do not grow old ”

We do not grow old 2019year bronza h80x90x15cm40000$

.We love so much “.We love so much”

.We love so much2022 year 160X70cmOriginal Painting Oil on Canvas14000$