Jason Hines

When I began my adventures in photography, I quickly fell head first into a world I never knew existed. Armed with my first DSLR, a Nikon D90, the world was made new for me. Colors became more lively, I began to see shapes and textures that I had long ceased noticing, blue skies became boring, and each day I was constantly on the lookout for the signs of a spectacular sunset to come.

I enjoy all kinds of photography – Architecture, Wildlife, Urban Exploration and portrait photography. I quickly discovered however that I have a special affinity with landscape photography that is very fulfilling to me. Reguardless of the subject, the more I photograph, the more I want to photograph; the more I travel, the more I want to travel. It’s a circle that has no beginning and no end. I invite you to join my on my adventures as I bring to you a new image every day. I hope that my photography inspires you to go somewhere you have never been, to try something you haven’t tried, or that it simply helps make you smile on a day when you need it.

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Soul of the Southwest

"Soul of the Southwest" is a Fine Art Photography collection juxtaposing the grandness of the southwest with the small details that make this diverse landscape exceptionally unique.

Morning Glory “Morning Glory”

As I was photographing a brilliant sunrise at Point Imperial, I looked around to see this lone tree shining in the morning sun. What a beautiful sight it made!

Aspen Field “Aspen Field”

A small field of Aspens on a rising hill photographed at the Grand Canyon's North Rim.

Butterfly's Eye “Butterfly's Eye”

While exploring near Point Sublime at the Grand Canyon, I came across these beautiful flowers which attracted a number of butterflies. By overlaying a texture of an interesting boulder on this image, I was able to come away with something truly unique.

Desert Falls “Desert Falls”

While driving to a sunset location in Sedona, Arizona, I stopped to photograph an interesting cactus. I immediately heard running water close by and went to investigate where I found this scene.

Emeralds and Saphires “Emeralds and Saphires”

Pink sapphires I mean. This is a photograph I took of a slot canyon near Camp Verde Arizona. To get to this point I had to climb, swim, rappel and boulder crawl through a narrow slot canyon.

Everlasting Pools “Everlasting Pools”

The trek to the Subway in Zion National Park was a bit of a challenge when I went in late December. Wading and standing in icy waters was very taxing but I was able to come away with some unique shots of this area covered in ice.

Gunsight Butte “Gunsight Butte”

As the sun set over Lake Powell, the colors of the sandstone began to light up brilliantly. The interesting colors in the sky were due to dust which had been blown around all day.

Light and Shadows “Light and Shadows”

Capturing truly captivating images at the Grand Canyon can be very difficult due to its vast size. As the sun set, the harsh light created some very unique contrast on these interesting formations.