Jolanta Benson

Jolanta Benson

Location: Australia

Originally from Poland but having lived for many years in South Yorkshire (United Kingdom), Jolanta now settled with her husband Mark in Sydney.
Travelling around the world Jolanta encountered the diversity of cultures and lands but she found Australian landscape, flora and fauna the most enticing.
Jolanta paints in oil, watercolour and pastel. She is a member of Ku-Ring-Gai Art Society and Hornsby Art Society and she exhibited her works in several art galleries in Sydney.


My World

“Blessed are they who see beautiful things in humble places where other people see nothing” said Camille Pissarro.

My favourite medium is watercolour but I like experimenting with other media, too.
I use oil, acrylic, pastels, mixed media. It's not the medium that defines my art, it's the contents.
Every of my paintings is a story, story about me and my life.