I’m a visual artist conveying dramatic stories of sophisticated characters, their complex nature and urban lifestyles mostly through the media of photography with intentional profound symbolism in the artworks.

I blend aesthetics of fashion photography with staged or actual urban settings, or literary captions to create conceptual imagery. My artworks are like photo-stills of imaginary movies where the protagonist is a philosophy of unconditioned life. I pay attention to every detail in the frame to ensure its strong symbolic role in the motif of the artwork. The purpose of my projects is to make an allegorical statement, not to adhere to some technical rules.

My muses are dissimilarities in cultures and sub-cultures, conflicting subconscious human drives, awareness, sophistication, eccentricity and intensity yet moderation in all aspects of life.

The tagline RE-TITLE YOUR LIFE summarizes my artist statement aimed at dismantling societal clichés and exposing individuals’ unique identities.