Location: Germany

Name: Viktoria Nagel
Birthday: 18th July, 1969

Dear viewer,

My name is Viktoria Nagel. I was born in Russia in 1969, although my roots go back to Germany.

My family and I have been working in the beautiful town of Lorch in southern Germany since 1996. This is where we have found our home and we lead happy lives here.

It was only after we settled down in Lorch that my painting hobby became my pure and all-consuming passion. After a few years of practice, accumulating experience through my own experimentation, I was ready to exhibit my artwork. I was overwhelmed by the positive response and demand for my work, which has since enabled me to transform my hobby into a career. I have been working as an independent and freelance artist with "VN-Arts" since 2010.

I am enthusiastic about sharing my knowledge and skill, so I also offer painting and pottery courses.

In my relatively short, full-time art career, I am grateful to have met with encouraging successes, for example:

2009 Finalist "International Art Competition X-Power
Gallery" Beverly Hills, USA

2010 Finalist "International Art Competition X-Power
Gallery" Taipei/Taiwan

2010 First place at "Russian Art Week" Moscow
(international Exhibition and Contemporary Art

2011 Art & X-Power Gallery Exhibition in New York GP

2011 Vierte Open Art 2011. Artist from Europe in

My specialities include acrylic painting and the photorealistic rendering of people, nature and animals.

With every work my goal is to capture, on canvas, the beauty and emotion of my subject and, in the most beautiful way possible, to serve this to the viewer.

My wish is that you would thoroughly enjoy and have fun as you view my artworks, and I greatly look forward to your feedback.

Kind regards,
V. Nagel