Sa 'rah Favorite

I, SA 'RAH, began creating art in my forties. It was quite by accident and it was the saving grace to my dueling, mid-life crisises.
I, SA 'RAH, found that:
Creating art, soothes pain.
Creating art, shows respect and immortalizes its subject(s).
Creating art,emits energies out into the world and out into the Universe which brings forth power.
And creating art includes your mark in this life process. We each have a mark. It just may be uncultivated...

I, am a woman, and I, most enjoy creating abstract art via painting and clay sculpture. I, paint pop icons, political figures, musicians.
I, enjoy photographing botanical life, animal life, seeking out images of ancient Afrakan/Native artifacts, as well as creating art gifts for gift giving. Beautifying space, is my desire. I've taken some formal art classes, however, I, am more of a self developed artist than a classically trained artist.




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