Ebba Grethe Moegelvang

Ebba Grethe Moegelvang

Location: Unknown


Ebba Grethe Moegelvang Denmark

Ebba Grethe Moegelvang
once remarked, “Life isn’t about the breath we take, it’s the moment that takes our breath away.” So, it’s no surprise that her artwork is characterized by an effervescent spirit and spontaneous brushstroke.
Mixing bold, brilliant acrylic paints into a tantalizing spectrum of hues, Moegelvang channels the primal energy of the Fauvist painters spearheaded by Henri Matisse, but in the process imparts her own unique artistic viewpoint. Each beautifully applied painting captures a particular emotion, relaying a message that sticks with the viewer in a profoundly resonant viewing experience. Frequently incorporating elements of the wilderness into her paintings, from wild animals to abundant botanicals, Moegelvang expresses a deep love and appreciation of nature while at the same time effectively using each element to convey a corresponding emotion. Having traveled throughout the globe and studied for a time in France, Moegelvang is profoundly influenced by a diverse array of cultural experiences. Also a published author, she lives and works in Denmark.

elephant on savannah “elephant on savannah”

elephant on savannah is an oilpainted art, size 80x100 cm. framed in silver frame.