Yuta Strega

yuta strega

Location: France

Timeless and elemental,
Yuta Strega paints
abstractions in the
lyrical poetry of classical
theatre, speaking of
spiritual mysteries and
wonders in pigments and
oils on linen. Choppy,
rough brushstrokes fill
the smoothness of Strega’s surfaces with
their staccato rhythm, obscuring traces of the
past within the ethereal tones of her palette.
Hidden in Strega’s marks the curved forms
of bowls and vessels recall the last remaining
relics of peoples and cultures long since gone.
Subtle suggestions of faces and figures emerge
from the paint as if drifting dreamlike through
a storm of color and texture, coming into focus
only briefly before melting away once more.
As she gazes out over the rolling hills
and gardens surrounding her studio and
home, a world of grace and freedom forms
under Strega’s brush, inviting the viewer to
contemplate and celebrate the motions of
its universal dance. There is a song in her
paintings which cannot be denied, a concerto
of the cosmos pulling us into the depths of its
endless journey.


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