Hazel Revington-cross

Hazel Revington-Cross

Location: Ireland

___ Hazel is a self taught artist born in Co.Westmeath in Ireland.
Her preferred medium is oils applied with a pallet knife. She loves texture and each piece is constructed by applying liberal amounts of oil colour, creating an almost 3D effect to her work, sometimes leaving the paint standing inches proud of the canvas.
“ From as far back as I can remember I loved to draw and paint and spent hours as a child lost in myself, sitting in the garden with my little blackboard and box of chalks, drawing matchstick men and butterflies. Today I still loose myself when I paint….the medium I use has changed, but the feeling of complete tranquillity remains the same. I love to close my eyes when a painting is dry and run my fingers across it to see how the painting feels. I am influenced by people, places and stories I’ve been told, that touch my life and leave a mark on my soul”.
Since launching her art in 2009, Hazel’s work has found it’s way into many private collections at home in Ireland, around Europe and as far away as Antigua. She has in the past two years taken part in 15 group exhibitions and has had two solo exhibitions. She has recently opened her own art gallery (The Garden Gallery, Delvin, Co.Westmeath) in Ireland.

Her work can be found on http://www.zhibit.org/profile/hazelrevington-cross
Hazel can be contacted at hazelrevington@gmail.com


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