Lee Goodall

Since early childhood I have been facinated with light and shadows,& throughout my adult years I have via many instructors increased my desire to pain.
15 years ago I attended a 4 day seminar,held by renowned airbush artists, that inspired me to expand my inner sight & opened a whole new expression in my art concepts...
Today I'm still discovering new directions in my artistict expressions. I am teaching as well to pass along my own personal discoveries which represents many years of change...
My recent works in oil have opened yet another dimention and vista of expression.
As an artist I paint to see what I feel inside....
Lee Goodall

Feel free to visit my site WWW.LEEGOODALL.COM
or my other site. www.haneyphoto.com
Love to hear from anyone that has an interest in my work. Contact me @ lgoodall1@comcast.net



This portfolio contains some of my other interests,which vary. I never know what will capture my interest. This world is filled with wonders...


did you ever as a child have a special place you always remember and have those captured feelings forever?