Renee Paul

Renee Paul

Location: Canada

Renee Paul was born in 1956 in Sorel, Quebec. She holds a B.A. in plastic art from UQAM in Montreal. As a professional artist she contributes to various artistic equestrian events, produces a series of calendars, and furnishes her work to worldwide exhibits.
Her career boasts 15 solo exhibitions and more than 30 collective exhibits. Her work has been presented by Artêria since 2009, most notably at the International Contemporary Art Fair and at AAF.
Renée’s portrayals of Michael Jackson were displayed per invitation at Grundy Art Gallery in London and at the King of Pop Meeting ‘Fan art’ contest.


I like to exploit movement, light and shade, my subjects are always in abeyance. Time is not important, rendering homage to the horse is of great significance to me whatever the breed, the color, or the value. I work on a black background, the medium I use is oil and my theme is an intimate, spiritual study of the horse. I execute my paintings with minimal strokes, giving respect to the horse`s fragility and nobility. The black background is used to represent emptiness, permitting the horse its full liberty of movement, attitude, and aspect. A subject on black can`t help but be seen in its most profound vibrance.
When I paint I think of freedom and dignity of spirit.


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